Monthly Archives: July 2008

4 1/2 hours

Today’s events included:

Car Inspection before work


Stress about dossier.

Cashiers Checks at Bank

Obsess about dossier

Call Cousin, Obsess about getting Roper a new dog tag for travels.

Get Roper Dog tag.

Drop Off Items at goodwill

Get home: Type letter to USCIS requesting free:one time change of country and free one time extension of I-171H

Type letter for courier who will receive dossier and finish authentication process in D.C.

Pack and Leave

Mail Request to USCIS in Pittsburgh


Charleston, WV-Secretary of State

Obsess about Dossier even more.


Fed-Ex Kinkos in Lexington, Kentucky

Went completely nuts in Fed-Ex Kinkos trying to check and recheck every item for dossier + items to be sent to agency + cashiers checks WITHOUT making the guy think I was insane and about to have a nervous breakdown. (I was sweating and turning red from anxiety)

Overnighted dossier to courier. Overnighted new homestudy to agency.

Relieved. Crying. Indescribable. Our life is in that package, once again, to be tossed on the top of a pile waiting to be sent out.

Back in the car-FOOD!

Make it to my brother’s to see his new house. AWESOME!

Head to my parents.  Glad we are finally here.

Leaving for Florida in 4 1/2 hours.  Well at least we’re getting up at that time (4am)!



We received a picture of M in the purple feather boa (along with a doll and blanket from another family)! Translation: She received and opened our care package yesterday! 

Quote from family traveling : “Heather,  She was beautiful!  She seemed a little bit shy, she had a sweet presence about her. She loved everything that was in your care package….she smiled when they told her these things were from her new family. :)”

This moment is unable to be captured in words.

The internet is an amazing thing!

Please continue to pray for the traveling families.

Homestudy Update

We’re coming down to the wire for submitting a completed dossier to the agency before we leave for vacation for 2 weeks.  I spoke with our Social Worker today, finally, after numerous emails and a phone call–she is also on a trip–but said she will do everything possible to get us the new homestudy before we leave on Thursday for vacation. So if we get it Thursday I will fax it to the agency in the morning, hope to hear from them quickly and then take it to Charleston, WV for the Secretary of State authentication on our way to Kentucky.  Also on Thursday I will have to get Cashier’s Checks for the Embassy and then we will overnite it to The Assistant Stork in D.C…and when it’s finished there…it will finally be overnited to the agency.  I feel a little panicked about it all, but it will work out, or it won’t and we’ll have to deal with it when we get back on the 18th. 

Two families leave this weekend for Ethiopia and little “M” will have her package and see us for the first time.  I hope she is excited as we were to see her picture. I’m glad she will be told that she has a mom and dad….and that they will be coming for her.

New Pics

We received 14 new pictures this afternoon. They were from a family’s recent trip to the transition house. She seems very happy….and has the best smile!  We feel fortunate to be able to see so many pictures of her…but can’t wait until we get to travel to pick her up.  We know we have a long wait ahead of us, these pictures help…and we can’t wait to see more from other family’s travels.

Ready, or Not

We overnighted the official acceptance of referral and partial fee yesterday to the Agency. WOOHOO! We hope to have the remainder of the fee in the next two weeks and then it will really be “official”.

We have all of our remaining documents ready to go to the WV Secretary of State.  After authenticated in Charleston, WV,  the complete dossier will then be overnighted to The Assistant Stork (courier in D.C.) to complete the authentication process. The dossier will then arrive at our agency (overnighted again).  It will then be translated at some point in the next couple of months (hopefully). 

HOWEVER-last night I was doing a little more questioning/research and I think we may need our homestudy reworded once again…….SO EVERYTHING IS ON HOLD FOR THE MOMENT….until I get my questions regarding the “rewording” answered.


Today we received video #2 (the other arrived damaged last week).  It was about 25 minutes long (footage taken in June), showing the transition house and the children (babies) that are currently living there.  It was unbelievable to see footage of her. She is so sweet and cute! It seems we are saying her name correctly-we heard it pronounced throughout the video. I don’t know what to say. We will treasure it.  We watched it twice. I just wanted to hear her giggle and see her flash her smile.

Nothing Major

We have our dossier together. I hope to send it to the State of WV tomorrow to have the remaining documents authenticated.  

On Monday, we did receive our updated homestudy and we sent everything to the agency to have them look over before having it authenticated.

So there you have it, one step closer to bringing M. home.