From the Beginning

We started the process to adopt in January 2007. We originally hoped to adopt from Vietnam, but after a year of nothingness…we made the switch to Ethiopia.  Ethiopia is not second choice for us, we had already planned to adopt from there in the future. The agency we wanted to use was not up and running there when we started the process, so we went with Vietnam.  So here we are. Today we are waiting for the last piece of the puzzle (our homestudy) that is being changed to read we are approved for 2 children 0-7 years of age. Yep, you read that right.  

And to keep this blog current, we are continuing to pursue a domestic adoption. April 18th we received a call from an adoption agency that we had inquired about….they wanted to run a possible situation by us….and we accepted. The baby should be born mid-October to November.  It really dropped in our laps, because we had decided that we did not want to pursue a domestic adoption, but God had other plans for us.  We haven’t told a ton of people, because we know at any moment the birthmother can change her mind. So for us, it’s been easier to keep quiet, but now we’re coming clean.

I have a lot more to post about (I need to catch up), so you’ll have to keep checking.


One response to “From the Beginning

  • Ken Sandstrom

    You sound determined and excited. I remember sitting in a men’s meeting with Seth, some years ago, as he talked about you and he having a childrens ministry of some sort. Looks like you are pursueing just that. God is with you!


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