The wheels are turnin’

Seth and I have been seriously considering the adoption of a 4 year old girl on our agency’s waiting child list for Ethiopia. We’ve been going over and over it in our heads and doing a ton of research! I can’t explain it exactly, but something has drawn us to her. I don’t know how many times we’ve looked at the waiting children and hoped that someone else would adopt them, but this is different. We have the opportunity to send her a care package with traveling families, and I found myself purchasing things for her as if she were my daughter–even though she is not at this point.  

What amazes me most is how much Seth and I have been stretched since we started the adoption process in January 2007.  We’ve always wanted an infant, but now my thoughts are filled with bringing this little girl home.

Also, we never dreamed of being part of a domestic adoption and here we are–trucking along. We will not know the outcome of that until mid-October.

I don’t know how it will work out, if we decide to adopt a waiting 4 year old–Bringing a baby home in October–and then a toddler a month or so later.  We’re just trying to figure it all out.  In some ways, it is very simple. She needs a home, we have a home.   

Sorry this is poorly written. Not that my posts usually are, well written– but I needed to get some of this down on “paper”.  

More later!


One response to “The wheels are turnin’

  • Mikal

    I was reading an article from Discipleship Journal today talking about “the abundant life.” A line in the article caught my attention and came to mind when I read your blog & email today. The author was speaking in regard to his wife having cancer, but the mentality applies to your situation, I believe, as well. He said, “I’m learning to trust that because life comes from within, I can risk the vulnerability of deeper intimacy…in the midst of, and without discounting, the pain.” I know you all have had some disappointments and it may be embarrassing or painful if another of your present avenues doesn’t pan out, but your life–your source of abundant life–comes from within you…from God’s spirit within you. So I say, risk deeper intimacy, involvement, hope because it is experiencing “…life, and life to the fullest.” Don’t hold back. Experience this process with the greatest passion, without reserve and with greatest intimacy between eachother as one flesh and between you and your good God. I love you both and continually remember you in my prayers. Grace & peace to you both.

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