Homestudy Update

We’re coming down to the wire for submitting a completed dossier to the agency before we leave for vacation for 2 weeks.  I spoke with our Social Worker today, finally, after numerous emails and a phone call–she is also on a trip–but said she will do everything possible to get us the new homestudy before we leave on Thursday for vacation. So if we get it Thursday I will fax it to the agency in the morning, hope to hear from them quickly and then take it to Charleston, WV for the Secretary of State authentication on our way to Kentucky.  Also on Thursday I will have to get Cashier’s Checks for the Embassy and then we will overnite it to The Assistant Stork in D.C…and when it’s finished there…it will finally be overnited to the agency.  I feel a little panicked about it all, but it will work out, or it won’t and we’ll have to deal with it when we get back on the 18th. 

Two families leave this weekend for Ethiopia and little “M” will have her package and see us for the first time.  I hope she is excited as we were to see her picture. I’m glad she will be told that she has a mom and dad….and that they will be coming for her.


2 responses to “Homestudy Update

  • Sarah

    Yippee! You’re so close. Keep chasing the paper; it’ll all be together soon.

    I turned into mush at the idea of her seeing your faces for the first time. She’s got a Momma and a Daddy now, and even though she won’t understand exactly what it means, she’ll feel the love from across the world.

    You’re so blessed to have found her, and she’s so blessed to have you both!

  • Marilyn

    Yes! What Sarah wrote about turning to mush at the thought of her seeing your faces….total mush!

    I’m on pins-and-needles and happy things keep moving along. Have a great vacation!

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