4 1/2 hours

Today’s events included:

Car Inspection before work


Stress about dossier.

Cashiers Checks at Bank

Obsess about dossier

Call Cousin, Obsess about getting Roper a new dog tag for travels.

Get Roper Dog tag.

Drop Off Items at goodwill

Get home: Type letter to USCIS requesting free:one time change of country and free one time extension of I-171H

Type letter for courier who will receive dossier and finish authentication process in D.C.

Pack and Leave

Mail Request to USCIS in Pittsburgh


Charleston, WV-Secretary of State

Obsess about Dossier even more.


Fed-Ex Kinkos in Lexington, Kentucky

Went completely nuts in Fed-Ex Kinkos trying to check and recheck every item for dossier + items to be sent to agency + cashiers checks WITHOUT making the guy think I was insane and about to have a nervous breakdown. (I was sweating and turning red from anxiety)

Overnighted dossier to courier. Overnighted new homestudy to agency.

Relieved. Crying. Indescribable. Our life is in that package, once again, to be tossed on the top of a pile waiting to be sent out.

Back in the car-FOOD!

Make it to my brother’s to see his new house. AWESOME!

Head to my parents.  Glad we are finally here.

Leaving for Florida in 4 1/2 hours.  Well at least we’re getting up at that time (4am)!


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