so i’m finally getting on here.  long overdue i suppose.  

i guess our blog title is an appropriate start for me.  the last two weeks hold numerous travels, occasions and emotions, and hopecoffeeandmelody have been present throughout.

hope…so many things to hope for of course.  successful prostate surgery and recovery for my dad.  that i can follow my dad’s lead.  completed adoptions.  healthy children.  healthy parents.  healthy grandparents.  relaxation.  release.  rescue.  but the last two days have reminded me that the hope in our blog title does not only refer to the things for which we hope.  it also refers to the GOD in which we place our hope.  “blessed is the man who makes the LORD his trust” Psalm 40:4.  frankly, i’m scared to think of where i might be (physically, emotionally, spiritually) if i could not place my hope in Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah.  it is simply awesome that i can kneel with my brother and grandfather to lay hands on my dad before his surgery knowing with great confidence that surgery would go well and that my dad will be better…cancer gone.  now on the backside of the surgery, GOD has been faithful and my dad is recovering. 

coffee…coffee for the road.  countless cups for my parents and heather’s parents.  coffee for my grandparents.  my aunt even surprised us with some Ethiopian coffee last week!  we can’t wait to try it.

melody…those that know me well should know that music plays a large role in my life.  since we’ve covered over 2000 miles in the last two weeks, you know music was on for the road.  and i had the opportunity to lead worship at my parent’s church yesterday.  mikal also joined to sing, and dad also played guitar.  it was the first time the three of us had played/sang together.  i had an absolute blast.  and i think dad did too.

i haven’t blogged since new year’s, and it’s crazy to think what’s happened since then.  i didn’t go back to read it, but i’m pretty sure i said i can’t wait to see what GOD has in store for 2008.  it’s true i couldn’t wait, but boy was i expecting something different.  the good and the bad, this year has been…well…life.  and i can honestly say that it has been amazing.



2 responses to “amazing

  • Marilyn

    Glad to hear a post-surgery report, Seth! It sounds like you’ve had a lot of meaningful family time, moments other people only dream about. I’m picturing you guys on the road, listening to tunes, talking, etc. and also sharing time with family – weddings, medical events – and know it’s a world away from what you’ve been doing here, which is good. “A change is as good as a rest!” (somebody said that, I don’t know who)

    Our prayers are with you!
    See you soon.

  • Sarah Stanton Sutliffe

    Seth, I found your website and it has been great to read what is going on with you and Heather. So glad that your dad is doing well. What a joy for you to spend time with you family over the weekend and to sing at church and pray together as a family. Mikal has kept me posted about your dad. Congrats on the adoption that is underway. How exciting! Maybe we’ll see you next time you are up in Charlotte. Have a safe trip home!

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