We Have Officially Returned!

I’m sure most people feel the same when returning to work from a long vacation/leave.  I feel like I had a wonderful break, but was nowhere near….ready or prepared to return to work. I was definitely ready to zip up the duffel that we’d been living out of for 17 days, but not ready to be sitting at my desk at work, trying to figure out what I’d missed, or if I’d missed anything at all.  The tragic news that I spoke of two weeks ago, has not been mentioned from what I’ve gathered–and this is not resting easy with me.

Good News: our dossier is on it’s way to Ethiopia (technically, it’s somewhere around Memphis, TN). What a relief.  We sent “M” another small package with a family traveling to pick up their son–SHE should receive it TODAY.  I will also hopefully find out how her clothing items worked out for her last time–and will hopefully have a pretty good guess of her shoe size. I’m hopeful we’ll receive this info when they return from their travels.  We’ve been so blessed to have so much contact thus far. We’ve also been able to receive pictures almost weekly, since referral, because so many families have been traveling.

Last but not least–I’m working on setting up two doctor appointments for “M” with an Ethiopian Infectious Disease Dr and Ethiopian Pediatrician in Parkersburg.  I was in disbelief that we had Ethiopian doctors in our area.  The first doctors office recommended the pediatrician, which I knew nothing about.  It definitely is a small world….and I continue to see God’s hand moving throughout this whole adoption process.

I’m hopeful that sometime this week, I’ll/we’ll do a recap and share photos of our two weeks away. There’s a lot to cover–and I don’t want to leave something out–by writing a quick post.


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