No Audit for me

My partner agency is being audited.  Phew.  It’s still a big deal, because 2 of the 3 people in my office are being audited. I’m probably going to be next week according to the auditor. They are doing the Homemaker Agency separate from the Case Management (I’m Case Management).  I’m a little relieved and feel fortunate that I have a little more time to go over my work with a finer tooth comb.

ALSO!!!! As the auditor was arriving the birthmom called to say that she has a scheduled appointment for September 26!!! It’s always a relief to hear from her.  She sounds well–and said that everything (with baby) is good.  So we’re hanging in there.  Very exciting day.  

We’re also considering another two year old boy from Ethiopia who is on the waiting child list. We’re just waiting for more information.


One response to “No Audit for me

  • Sarah

    Wow! Amazing news about the little boy – keep us all posted.

    (And having just survived the first of our two audits this year, I feel for you!)

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