The doctor visit with birthmom went okay. They are worried that she may have preeclampsia.  She was tested and she’ll hopefully find out on Monday for sure. The next doctor visits are the 24th and 26th, unless she finds out something different with the test results. 

This visit was a wake-up call of sorts. We know she can have the baby very soon, especially if she has preeclampsia.  We will work this weekend to prepare our home for baby’s arrival.  We have everything, just need to put it in place.  

We are also still considering the adoption of a 2 1/2 year old boy from Ethiopia who I will call “B” on here. “M” will go to the Dr. sometime (maybe she even today) while the director is at the transition home. We also hope to see updates and photos next week, since two families will be returning from their travels. One family will be bringing back information for our agency from the director (who is still in Ethiopia). Next week will be a eventful week…hopefully.

And for the audit.  I will be prepared for an audit maybe the week of the 22nd….but she could not say for sure.  That will be stressful timing for an audit (if I go to TWO doctor appointments) but I know that it will all work out…it always seems to.


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