Anxiously Waiting

This weekend Seth worked on the spare “maybe baby” room.  It’s really coming along and should be finished up this week.  I also installed two carseats in our car using the LATCH system, which makes it super easy….and I have to confess that I am wrong three carseats/boosters will not work in the volvo.  I’m a little sad about it.  So if we do indeed adopt three we will trade that in for something else.  I am convinced whatever we pursue will have to have the LATCH system for carseats.  Fun Fun.

We’re pretty serious about the adoption of “B” but we are waiting for more information that may come this afternoon regarding his circumstances.

Our director is now staying at the transition house in Ethiopia (where “M” is). She said there are MANY needs.  They only have TWO towels for the whole place….and she went out to get more supplies yesterday. 

We do know that more pictures are coming and that there is a 3 hour video from her trip.  We’ll probably get to see the parts that are relevant to us-“M”.

THIS MORNING: Birthmom called and stated that the doctor called and wants her to come in tomorrow because of her test results.  This doesn’t sound good, but I guess we’ll see tomorrow.  I’m becoming anxious because they could induce her or put her on bedrest….it’s really a toss up….and I feel like I’m on edge just waiting for the next call.


One response to “Anxiously Waiting

  • Suzanne Edora

    Wow! You guys have so much happening. We are so excited for you and are keeping you in our prayers. I’m on the edge of my seat when I read your updates…. Can’t wait to see what will happen next. Love ya and miss ya!



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