Good Report

Birthmom does not have preeclampsia!  Whew. She is fine…and things are progressing as normal for now. Next week another appointment and ultrasound. Maybe we’ll find out if it’s a girl or boy…or maybe we’ll have to keep wondering until delivery.  Anyway, I’m relieved that she received a good report. 

This morning, I broke down. Sobbed in the car.  Just thinking about EVERYTHING. Waiting to hear more about “B” and “M” and “maybe baby”. It all just sunk in. I’m ready to get “M”.  Fortunately, courts will open in a few more weeks….and we will be able to be scheduled.  Maybe, if there is a miracle we will travel this year to get her. 

We’re still waiting to hear updates that are arriving in a package to our agency from our director who is now in Ethiopia. We will also find out more about waiting children.  We’re definitely feeling the CALL to adopt two from Ethiopia at this time. We’re approved for two and it just seems to make sense. No one has really thought we were absolutely crazy when we mentioned this possibility (unless it was behind our backs).  We always talk about when we will adopt again (and we haven’t even completed these) so we’re just trying to take this opportunity for what it’s worth.

There is so much to think about, but sometimes it goes back to a simple theme for us:  There are children waiting for homes: we have a home. A home big enough for more than one, two, three or four for that matter (four would really being pushing it at this point–but you get my drift). We’ve also really been in the mindset of living with less (although we’re not a great example of this by any means), which in some ways is freeing us to do and consider more!!


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