I talked to someone from our agency today, who was instant messaging with our director in Ethiopia, who said “M” “is next to me right now, she is such a delightful child” and later went on to say “and tell her that “M” has her picture album”. 

We also received 39 pictures and a medical of an available 3 year old boy.  Amazing.  We’ve really been praying about this and we could have just seen our son for the first time today! We’ll see.

Also: I’m near the end of this book:

and may start this book (if Seth is finished reading it):

or this book:

This weekend we’ll also try to finish up the “maybe baby” room and I’ll hopefully post pictures.  We didn’t even need to drywall.  Just re-plaster.  Well, I shouldn’t say we–because I take no credit, Seth has done all the work!  


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