to top off

To top off yesterday’s news, the birthmom called me on the way home from work: just to check in and say she was doing fine. Awesome and unexpected.

Seth and I had dinner and did some errands. Took a look at a minivan…and discussed more about that purchase…and researched some more. I think I am leaning toward the Toyota Sienna: because you can fit three carseats/boosters in the middle row.  We’ve thought about the Honda Pilot & the Honda Odyssey, but something is comforting to me to think that the children can be RIGHT there in the middle row, and not have to be sitting in ALL THE WAY in the back.  Maybe when they’re older 🙂  Anyway, it’s also really CRAZY to us to even be thinking about a minivan. We traded the Lumina last year for our little wagon–because we were preparing for ONE child.  Look where we are now.  So I’m really having to ease into this transition to the minivan. 

Anyway. We’re going to accept the 3 year old boy! I’ll call him “A” on here 🙂  I need to put a sidebar on the right, so we can keep up with names!


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