Weekend Recap

Friday, birthmom had doctor appointment.  Everything is fine.  Doctor did say that she does not do scheduled inductions, so we’ll see how long she goes. She has another appointment on Friday.

Seth and I have been researching vans and prepared to travel to Cleveland to look at and possibly purchase a Toyota Sienna Van on Saturday.  Late Friday evening, the dealer called us and told us it was just sold.  Just like that. 

So Saturday, instead of purchasing a van, we put more finishing touches on the rooms–we purchased blinds and another crib mattress and we’re pretty much ready to go.  We need to place two wall hangings and I think that will be it! It looks really nice up there…and with this complete we will have officially “redone” and painted EVERY room in our house excluding the entryway!  

Yesterday, I made my first blueberry pie (made from blueberries picked in Michigan in August).  It was/is yummy!  

We’re starting our search again this week for possible vans.  We have one on the radar, but Seth feels like it may not be the best bet to get the most for our trade in–based on the other cars that they currently have on the lot….so we’ll see.

I’ve also seen this one…..and I’m trying to obtain more information on it.  


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