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weekend plans

well, heather got to feed myer for the first time right around 3:30PM.  the hospital is trying to accommodate us here which has been great.  the hospital social worker is actually completing a guatemalan adoption, so that was cool to talk to her about all things adoption.  

heather took the birthmom home already.  this went better than we expected.  i broke down during the brithmom’s goodbyes.  we’ve had our moments, and most of them are related to what the birthmom must be going through.  this is all so incredible.  

heather and i will be here until monday.  our attorney will be getting all the papers signed on monday, and then we will be able to go home.  my parents are on their way down to visit us here, so we’re really looking forward to that.  heather’s parents are coming next weekend.


we’re back

we’re back at the hospital.  heather has been with the birthmom and baby for 20 minutes or so.  i pray that it is going well. 

we ended up having to leave the hospital around 3:30AM this morning (i guess we could have slept in the lobby again, but we needed/wanted a shower and a bed!!).  we got to see his first bath at 1AM and held him every second we could until we left.

Myer Parks

Heather is holding him as I type this.

9 lb. 3 oz.

21 inches

@ 9:48 pm 10/30/08

First family photo

First family photo


Heather and Myer

Heather and Myer


Seth and Myer

Seth and Myer

he’s here!!!!

all i know is the baby is here!!!  it was a short phone call from heather so now i’m just waiting to know when i can go see him!!

more to come!

“it’s getting ready”

that’s all heather said on the last call seconds ago.


they’ve broken her water, so hopefully things continue to progress.

definitely closer

birthmom is dilated to 8cm.  based on heather’s description, it’s getting closer!!