random post

Birthmom canceled doctor appointment for Friday. Maybe there will be an appointment next week, we’ll see.

This weekend, Seth and I are planning a camping trip with ROPER. This will be our first attempt at camping with him.  I bought a harness for him so he will have a little time to adjust to it before we do hikes over the weekend. I know he thinks he is just being tortured right now…he’s been trying to chew it off since I got home.


The “future van” has not presented itself yet, so we’ll just keep looking.  Just another “to do” on the the neverending list. 

Our (my) goal for the evening will be to complete a grant application for the adoption.  It would be excellent to get this out of the way! Our other goal is to watch Pushing Daisies!  YAY! We loved this last year and were disappointed when the writer’s strike halted the production of new episodes…WE’RE GLAD IT’S BACK!

Also, (sorry this is such a random post) I’m really excited that it is October. Courts open this week or next, I’m not really sure….but it does mean that our case can be submitted….and we can finally be on our way. I can’t wait to hear of an actual court date. I’m getting nervous and excited.  It’s honestly all I think about.


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