just a side note

I’ll be working on updating the Us Page and Adoption Timeline Page soon.  Just need to tend to some other things…like getting that grant application finished 🙂 I feel like I need a “blogover” and this new template is the best I could do for now.  I’m really envious of some other pages…but I have to stick with what’s available on wordpress for now 🙂

We did receive notice that our agency will begin submitting cases for court.  I hope we’re in the first batch….we’ll see.  We have had our referral of “M” since July 14th!  The director did say via email “I do not expect anyone to travel before December, and most will pick up their referred children in January or February.”  Should I hope for December travel?  I don’t know. I’ll just wait to see when our court date is…..until then….we know the drill: WAIT.  The positive of travel in January/February is that we will have more time to adjust and bond to “maybe baby” before jumping on a plane to Ethiopia.  That would be really nice also…to have that time….because we will never get that time once “M” and “A” arrive.

We’re camping this weekend, so we’ll “see” you on Monday.


One response to “just a side note

  • Heather

    You are going to be one busy lady in the next few months. Going from 0 children to 3. I wish you all the luck in making this transition. As the mother of adopted twins (and 3 other children) trust me it is much harder then it looks. Take all your free time now to rest up and have everything ready for all 3 before you get the first child home. You will never have time once you have a newborn in the house. It will be very crucial to have this time to adjust and bond with “Maybe baby”. The bonding with “M”and “A” will probably come even slower because they are older.

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