Seth’s birthday is November 29

Thanksgiving = 27th

Court Date = 28th

Seth’s Birthday = 29th

In my  previous post I meant that Seth’s birthday was the day after court (hopefully an early birthday present)

**Today I semi-resigned from my position.  Our director stopped by after I had called her, we talked, and I will call her after we know how the domestic will pan out….if we bring him home for good….I’ve resigned, if not I will continue to work for a while until we pass court.**

So, since I’m going to the doctor tomorrow with birthmom, this may be my last day.  

Wow! Not really how I thought this was going to work out, but I’ll take it! I had dreaded this conversation, because I have enjoyed my time at First Care Services…and it has been a very nice Social Work job to have. But I want to be a stay at home mom more… this is the way it will be.


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