off to a good start

This Monday has started off better than last Monday. I haven’t had any anxiety at all today (just a pesky sinus headache). I talked with our attorney this morning and things are lined up. We’re all just waiting for “the call”. Maybe the call will come from the doctor visit tomorrow. 

Tonight, Seth and I will get some items together for our time at the hospital.  Thanks to my friend who asked if we had our hospital bag ready.  I hadn’t forgot…and I have a baby bag ready, but hadn’t done our bags yet.  We already have two carseats in the car–because we were testing them out again this weekend–so we are ready to go with that. OTHER BIG NEWS–I think we’ve found a way to keep our car AND put three carseats across. Turns out we may just need different carseats instead of different car/van.  So we ordered this….

Sunshine Kids Radian 65 Foldable Convertible Travel Car Seat

Supposedly, it is just as safe as our Britax, just smaller…and it’s easier to get three across.  We will see. Thanks to another friend who recommended this seat!  I think the van situation was actually another anxiety producing event for me…and it feels good to be able to “make do” with what we have instead of trying to purchase something else.  We will be crammed in our little car, but we will love it 🙂


2 responses to “off to a good start

  • Sarah

    The radian rocks! Just be veerrrrry careful when buckling the bottom parts as pinching small legs does not go over well (and the momma guilt is HUGE).

    Does it feel real yet?

  • Marilyn

    “Making do” beats the agony of a new car purchase. You’ll know when you need to! I’m glad to hear it’s not this minute. 🙂

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