“Fourth” or “Real” Last Day

I’ve packed my office. 

Yesterday, after hearing the news from the doctor that she would be induced on Monday, the birthmom and I stood in the parking lot.  I got a tear in my eye and stated “I think I’m going to cry” and birthmom said “Don’t, because if you do I’ll be a mess also.” The tear was RELIEF. I couldn’t believe that we had an actual date for the baby, and there is an end in sight. 

On the car ride home we joked again about today being my fourth last day at work….and then she looked at me and said “no, it’s your real last day”. What a statement. It implied a lot, coming from her.

Right now I have a peace about it all. I’m glad I’m in this place at this moment. I’m in a better state of mind and feeling better than I imagined I would be at this time. Who knows how I will be doing in a few hours or another day, but today…I’m happy and I’m good.


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