Today’s Events

Talked to Birthmom

Continental Breakfast

Talk to Attorney

Talk to Family

Talk to Work

Call from A Child Waits Foundation regarding the grant we applied for a month or so ago. We hope to hear the outcome of that next week.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Talked to Friend



Talked to Birthmom

Hotel: Watched Lucky One and August Rush (movies)

Birthmom calls to say it will most likely be tomorrow. She will call at 6am to check for a bed.

Talked to Family

Back out to shopping area: Went to Target again (to purchase scissors to cut Seth’s hair)


Bed Bath & Beyond

Old Navy

Back to Hotel

Cut Seth’s Hair

Now watching Charlie Brown specials on TV anticipating 1 to 2 inches snowfall.

Just finished talking to neighbor about Roper. She says she thinks he is a little depressed. I think he knows what’s coming…and he missed us 😉


One response to “Today’s Events

  • Heather

    Charlie Brown is the best! Snow too??? OK, now I am really jealous! Hoping and praying things fall into place for tomorrow! God’s timing is perfect, it will all work out!

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