last post for the day

so let me throw out another “thank you” before the day is out.  i know it’s not face-to-face, but the prayers, comments, phone calls, and texts have been awesome today.  

the birthmom is off the pitocin for the night to let her rest.  they will resume things in the morning.  so for those getting updates all day, you can go to bed tonight.  i’ll update everyone in the morning as soon as things change.

i was able to go to barnes&noble about an hour ago.  the birthmom mentioned a couple books she wanted earlier today, so i picked those up for her.  when i handed them to her in the hallway a few minutes ago, she shrieked with excitement and some folks down the hall thought she was going into labor…funny.

i picked up a book for myself too since i finished jesus for president by shane claiborne earlier today.  the new book is red letters by tom davis.  the book basically asks if we, as christians (set apart), are living according to those red letters of christ.  i’m excited about the book.  i also read part of tony campolo’s red letter christians the other day which also speaks of christ’s words and our commitment to living his words today.  my eyes have definitely been opened to some new (actually thousands of years old) things, issues, needs, etc.


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