Myer Parks

Heather is holding him as I type this.

9 lb. 3 oz.

21 inches

@ 9:48 pm 10/30/08

First family photo

First family photo


Heather and Myer

Heather and Myer


Seth and Myer

Seth and Myer


15 responses to “Myer Parks

  • Dad

    Mom and I are looking at you all and think he is beautiful. We can see his little eyes and his lips look so pink and perfectly shaped. Seth, he is almost as big as you were when you were born so now you know how I felt holding you.
    We are really happy for you all and we continue to pray also for birthmom trusting that all will go well for all of you in this process.
    We will see you soon.
    Mom and Dad

  • Mom

    Really glad that it’s finally over for both of you and especially for the birthmom. Congratulations and we are praying for all 4 of you. Myer is really beautiful.
    Heather you weighed a little more and was a little shorter. But that doesn’t matter now. We are happy to finally be grandparents.
    See you next Friday.
    Love Mom and Dad

  • Dave and Amy Carder

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months. It’s been a joy to follow you in your journey. Now it’s time for the next season….kiddos! Enjoy every minute it!

    With Love,
    Dave and Amy Carder

  • Aunt Karon

    It is so nice to see you holding Myer. I look forward to seeing you soon.

  • Ann & Tom Griffin

    He is very beautiful. May God continue to bless your family each day. We are very excited and can hardly wait to see him.

    Aunt Ann & Uncle Tom

  • Ann

    Beautiful family. May God continue to bless everyone.

  • Beth

    My goodness he’s big! No wonder this all took so long. 🙂 I pray birthmom is recovering well. I’m exhausted just thinking about her delivery. We’re praising God with you for this little guy! Love, Beth

  • Diane

    He’s beautiful! Congratulations Guys…We’ll be praying that all goes
    well for the remainder of your stay and that “the family” will be home
    soon. Love you guys…Bob & Diane

  • april

    Congratulations! He is perfect! I’m so happy for you and wish you all the best. I’m praying that everything continues to go well and you and your son will be home soon.


  • Carla

    Hey Seth and Heather,

    He is beautiful, I cried when I seen the two of you with him. You two are going to be excellent parents. Good luck to you both. Heather…………..thanks for the midnight phone call. lol
    See ya soon……….Carla

  • kristin

    awh, congratulations!!! what a beautiful boy.

  • Emily

    Wow! Finally! How is first mom doing? Love his name!

  • Sarah


    You all look so happy. He’s beautiful and amazing.

    Praying everything from here on out goes smoothly and as planned.

  • April

    Congratulations. He he beautiful and you guys are glowing!

    April (Wally & Marilyn’s daughter)

  • Heather


    We also met our Son and Daughter for the first time on Oct 30th a year ago. It has been a great year as I hope your year with Myer will be.

    Heather-Ap to meliah and Khai 19 months from Lang son,Vietnam

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