weekend plans

well, heather got to feed myer for the first time right around 3:30PM.  the hospital is trying to accommodate us here which has been great.  the hospital social worker is actually completing a guatemalan adoption, so that was cool to talk to her about all things adoption.  

heather took the birthmom home already.  this went better than we expected.  i broke down during the brithmom’s goodbyes.  we’ve had our moments, and most of them are related to what the birthmom must be going through.  this is all so incredible.  

heather and i will be here until monday.  our attorney will be getting all the papers signed on monday, and then we will be able to go home.  my parents are on their way down to visit us here, so we’re really looking forward to that.  heather’s parents are coming next weekend.


5 responses to “weekend plans

  • Beth

    Thanks for the update. I was concerned for all involved with this initial goodbye. Just remember you all are bathed in prayer. We so look forward to having all our babies in church some Sunday! Caleb made it home today. Right now Myer makes about two of him. 🙂 We’re all wondering which of these little guys will catch Emma’s heart. Love, Beth

  • Wally Yocum

    Thanks for the stream of emails throughout your week. I loved your Dad’s note that Myer was about the size you were so you must have known he felt the first time he held you. That first family photo was a real “keeper”. He’s a lucky guy to have you two for parents. Enjoy every minute – they’ll fly by.

  • haasmackie


    I want, nay, need, to come see Myer ASAP!

    Hope everything’s as exciting as it sounds through your blog posts.

    In my prayers,


  • haasmackie

    Oh and congrats! Hahahahah

  • EmilyW

    These pix and blogs are priceless. Myer is beautiful! Cool name too. Myer Bailey, I like it alot. Has a great ring to it.

    Thank you all for sharing this with us all.

    I agree with Beth. I can’t wait until all these sweet babies are with us in church, especially when they get to the age that I can enjoy teaching them in class on Sunday AM’s!

    Wally is right, those minutes, turning to hours, days, weeks, months and then years absolutely fly by! Enjoy every moment.

    We are so happy for you all!

    Blessings to you all.

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