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No Ethiopia in 2008

We received news that there was a delay with our case.  One more letter is needed.  We will wait a little longer to pick up “M” and “A”.  We’re disappointed, but trying to stay positive.


3 Weeks Home

Seth’s grandparents, aunt and uncle were able to make it afterall.  We had a wonderful visit. Myer enjoyed himself as well.  

On Wednesday, we head to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Smokey Mountains to spend time with family over Thanksgiving.  Sunday (on the way home) we’ll swing through Kentucky (where I’m from) so Myer can see grandma and grandpa again, and maybe get to meet uncle derrick and aunt beth…and who ever else may show up.  This will be Myer’s first big trip, we’re hoping he likes to travel as much as we do.

Friday, Myer’s cord stump finally fell off!  We thought we were doing something wrong, because it seemed to take a really long time (3 weeks!)  Now that the cord stump is gone, we started cloth diapering (we’ll use disposables again while we travel over Thanksgiving). We had several options: all in ones, pocket diapers(bumgenius) and prefolds+diaper covers (thanks to my friend, Emily).  So far, we’ve really liked the bumgenius diaper.  The (bumkin) all in one was pretty bulky and seem to leak more than both the prefold+cover or the bumgenius diaper+insert.  The prefold+cover has also worked well, it just takes a little more time to get the diaper situated in the cover (we’ll get better at this).  I also felt like the bumgenius wicked the wetness away from baby better than the prefold+cover.  So we’ll see.  We’ll go full swing when we return from Thanksgiving travels (I’ll even start using the cloth wipes).  

**Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers**COURT IS FRIDAY FOR “M” AND “A”**

Here are some 3 Week Old Pics


3 Weeks Old

Myer is three weeks old.

On Tuesday evening, Seth and I (and Myer) did something we haven’t done in a really long time…..actually it’s been about 11 months…..we went shopping at Wal-Mart.  We received a gift card so we figured we would go pick out a few items for Myer, “M” and “A”.  Honestly, after going in there for about an hour, we realized that we definitely do not miss shopping there.  The gift card was very appreciated and we made good use of it.  Myer got a bouncer seat and monkey gym 🙂  We also purchased a small space heater (techinally for “M” and “A”) for the bathroom downstairs, because we don’t want them to freeze to death while bathing….but we’re already using it (hey…I shower in there also :))

Here’s a pic of Myer in his new bouncer.


Today, Seth’s grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle were supposed to arrive for a weekend visit, but they are not able to make it due to health concerns for grandpa. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 

Yesterday, we were told that “A” is being moved to the house in Addis today!  He will be there with “M” now until we travel to pick them up!  Pray that he has a smooth transition to the house.  We know that “M” knows he is coming and we hope she is able to comfort him and let him know about us.  We also have a recent college grad who is in Ethiopia working with our agency at our house and helping out as needed.  We pray that both “M” and “A” know we are coming soon!

Two Weeks Home

We’ve officially been home with Myer for two weeks. The time has went by so fast. We’ve had several outings, Myer is a champ and handles them so well. We don’t necessarily have a routine….it’s just pretty much Myer dictating when and how we do things at this point.  

Yesterday, while I was out on an errand….Seth informed me that our oven stopped working….UGGH!  So much for our menu for the week, but we do have someone coming to look at it/service on Friday.  At least I was able to bake a pie, before it died on me 🙂

Myer got to experience his first snow yesterday….although while we were taking the picture it stopped.  

I’m also getting really excited/anxious about our court date…’s NEXT FRIDAY!  Time if flying by…..I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week….then our court date…then Seth’s birthday…..NEXT WEEK will be a BIG week.

Right now we are preparing for a visit from Seth’s grandparents and aunt (maybe uncle).We’re really trying to get the house in order….but I am procrastinating….doing this….while laundry is going 🙂


Myer's First Snow

Myer's First Snow

Two Week Photos


1 Week 2 Days

We’ve been home for 1 Week and 2 Days.

Today is the first day I haven’t felt like I was in a daze.  I felt like I was able to accomplish some things around the house and get some things in order…..all the while….repairs were being made to our roof and gutters.  Myer did pretty well with all the chaos in the morning, it just disrupted his sleep.  But he made up for it in the afternoon.

Earlier this week/last week we received more pictures of “M”…one where she was holding our picture again. It was taken on Sunday!  Wow!  Our court date is drawing near….I can’t wait.  I hope we make it through the first time.  

And now what you’re waiting for…


all bundled up

all bundled up


zoolander pose

zoolander pose



Bailey Grandparents

Bailey Grandparents


Beldon Grandparents

Beldon Grandparents