Two Weeks Home

We’ve officially been home with Myer for two weeks. The time has went by so fast. We’ve had several outings, Myer is a champ and handles them so well. We don’t necessarily have a routine….it’s just pretty much Myer dictating when and how we do things at this point.  

Yesterday, while I was out on an errand….Seth informed me that our oven stopped working….UGGH!  So much for our menu for the week, but we do have someone coming to look at it/service on Friday.  At least I was able to bake a pie, before it died on me 🙂

Myer got to experience his first snow yesterday….although while we were taking the picture it stopped.  

I’m also getting really excited/anxious about our court date…’s NEXT FRIDAY!  Time if flying by…..I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week….then our court date…then Seth’s birthday…..NEXT WEEK will be a BIG week.

Right now we are preparing for a visit from Seth’s grandparents and aunt (maybe uncle).We’re really trying to get the house in order….but I am procrastinating….doing this….while laundry is going 🙂


Myer's First Snow

Myer's First Snow


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