3 Weeks Home

Seth’s grandparents, aunt and uncle were able to make it afterall.  We had a wonderful visit. Myer enjoyed himself as well.  

On Wednesday, we head to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Smokey Mountains to spend time with family over Thanksgiving.  Sunday (on the way home) we’ll swing through Kentucky (where I’m from) so Myer can see grandma and grandpa again, and maybe get to meet uncle derrick and aunt beth…and who ever else may show up.  This will be Myer’s first big trip, we’re hoping he likes to travel as much as we do.

Friday, Myer’s cord stump finally fell off!  We thought we were doing something wrong, because it seemed to take a really long time (3 weeks!)  Now that the cord stump is gone, we started cloth diapering (we’ll use disposables again while we travel over Thanksgiving). We had several options: all in ones, pocket diapers(bumgenius) and prefolds+diaper covers (thanks to my friend, Emily).  So far, we’ve really liked the bumgenius diaper.  The (bumkin) all in one was pretty bulky and seem to leak more than both the prefold+cover or the bumgenius diaper+insert.  The prefold+cover has also worked well, it just takes a little more time to get the diaper situated in the cover (we’ll get better at this).  I also felt like the bumgenius wicked the wetness away from baby better than the prefold+cover.  So we’ll see.  We’ll go full swing when we return from Thanksgiving travels (I’ll even start using the cloth wipes).  

**Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers**COURT IS FRIDAY FOR “M” AND “A”**

Here are some 3 Week Old Pics



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