Weekly Happenings

We had our wonderful shower this weekend. I will post pics later (I need to get some). We were really blessed. Myer had a short visit with Grandma (she was in for the shower) and is still congested. I have another call out to the doctor. He’s not really coughing a lot or anything, just sounds really congested when he’s eating…for the most part.  I’m not sure the saline drops and suctioning are doing much good after a week. Maybe when the doctor calls in the next hour or so…she’ll have another suggestion.  

Myer has really started to like his bouncer seat and monkey gym.  I’ve started to give him a little more “tummy time”.  He doesn’t seem to mind it….and he’s getting really strong.  He remains a content baby and continues to bring us much joy!



2 responses to “Weekly Happenings

  • Mom & Dad

    He is really getting big. So sorry I couldn’t make the shower. Hope Myer is feeling better . We love you all.

  • Beth

    Aw, great pic! As usual. 🙂 Time seems to fly by…a month already. Wow. But I do seem to remember in the recesses of my mind that time DIDN’T fly by when I was the mommy and the newborn was mine. 🙂 That is until I stopped to look back…

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