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We were told to be in Addis on the 24th of February for our Embassy Appointment. We will leave on the 21st .


January 30

Myer is 3 months old! I’ve only been able to put the one photo of Mastewal in the last post (don’t ask me how). I’ll keep working on it–and a 3 month update post for Myer.

Right now with the uncertainty with our travel date, I’m really looking forward to some “mindless” shopping with a friend tomorrow AND I get my Target fix 🙂 We will also be attending a fundraiser for our friends tomorrow at a local bbq place.

My post yesterday was just jumbled. I’m not totally stressed about one thing in particular (or any to be honest). I just have a lot on my mind. I’ve really been trying to do just one thing at a time, while pondering and researching a lot of things. Right now my focus is Myer (making sure he eats, sleeps :), is clothed, bathed and changed. I’d love to know travel dates at any time, but am very content right now sharing all the moments with Myer. He’s a happy baby. I know when we do find out the dates my time will be stretched among many things (packing, planning, etc.) so I’m trying to savor every moment right now. I think it’s just the uncertainty and WAITING that is getting to me, and I know so many people have/and are making plans around our travel dates so that Myer is taken care of while we’re gone, it’s just frustrating to keep saying, “not today”, “tomorrow”, “next week”. But it’s not up to us….we’ll find out when we find out 🙂 I’ve also just had a lot of time in the house over the past week (not taking Myer out) so I’ve had a lot of time to sit and “ponder” things.

Mastewal Opening Care Package Last Week (her hair is really growing out!!)


Afton holding hands with his little friend (who is a cutie). I will have to get permission before posting her pic.  She met her forever family last week! They delivered our package when picking her up-we are so thankful!


i just learned we will not find out travel dates until sometime next week due to the moving of the mowa office in ethiopia…and things being pushed back. we just want to know. it’s out of our control and our agency’s….uggh.

and i don’t know what’s up with this blog, i still can’t upload pics. maybe tomorrow.

January 29

I can’t get the picture stuff to work on here, so this will just be a non-picture post right now. I wish I could get all my swirling thoughts out on this blog, they are so varied at the moment. From deciding whether or not to homeschool Mastewal for her kindergarten year, letting Afton go to a preschool in our town in the fall, the pool opening in our little town this SUMMER, vegan lifestyle questions, how to manage my time, wanting to pack, but not 100% sure of travel dates until tomorrow, questions about Ethiopia travel and guidelines now for adoptive parents, cloth diapering, when to start rice cereal for Myer, should I get a Wii Fit?, do my parents have electricity (they don’t–I did check on that), should I give up Facebook? All this and I sit and stare at the computer as Myer naps….we’ll not now! gotta go.

january 28


wait until friday

we will have to wait until Friday to find out our travel date/embassy appointment, due to an office being closed in Ethiopia.  bummer.  


Last “Unknown”

*Updated with Pics


Tomorrow we find out our Embassy Date/Travel Date.  I think we’ll either leave the 6th of February or the 13th.  In some ways I feel like this is our last “unknown” day without our children.  I’m not sure exactly how to put into words but within 24 hours we will know when we will meet our children for the first time.  I know there are a few other unknowns while we are in country, but today is the LAST day that I will spend wondering when we get to meet them for the first time.  I’ve tried get things in order….and have loosely packed for our trip.  We’ve ordered a booster seat for Mastewal, I’ve rounded up shoes to take for Afton (since his size is unknown at this time), and I’ve started to make a list of where things are for Myer here at the house.  I feel like there is a lot to do, but really booking the flights and finding a place to stay in Addis are the main things left to do, the rest will fall into place.  We still need to get that last round of shots (next Monday for sure :)).  It’s really hard to explain how if feels to be in this place.  We’ve waited for a long time to get here…..starting the international adoption process over 2 years ago now.  We’ve talked so much over the last two years about what is next (after the adoptions are completed) for us.  We do know that ultimately it’s not up to us, but God (as we learned through this process).  I look forward to the day we step off the plane with Mastewal and Afton and we start our lives here.  I don’t have a lot of expectations of what it will be like at this point, I just want it to happen (them being here).  

I’ll look for more pics to post (I have to move them over from emails).  I hope we do travel next Friday, if not, I may run out of pics of Afton.