A Little Quote

A couple of weeks ago we received pictures and information about our children.  A particular quote brought a smile to our face. 

Kids are wonderful. Nannies are loving. It was
heartwarming seeing the kiddos and I showered them all with lots of
hugs. What a fabulous bunch of kids! We had a lot of fun playing with
the educational games and supplies I brought for them. What stands out
n my mind is how much all the kids LOVE learning. Vocabulary Bingo
was a big hit–they begged to play it, I think we played it every day.  They also loved playing dominoes, and working with math and vocabulary
flash cards. Even the nannies got in on the games and loved them.

I tried to get at least a few photos of each child for families. I hope you enjoy them. By the way, “M” Bailey absolutely stole the show. What a ham. 

Today, I’m feeling very anxious about court tomorrow. I’m wondering if we will pass this time around. My stomach is in knots.  We should know by this time tomorrow.

We have a lot of decisions to make about travel if we pass.  We’ve thought about one of us coming back after the first week with “A” and one of us staying over with “M” for the second week.  We’re not really sure what we’re doing yet.  

We also have several pieces of paperwork to complete and get out in the mail ASAP if we pass court (even if we don’t).  So we will have a busy evening–like they’re not already busy enough for us–taking care of Myer.  

I also called to make sure we weren’t overdue with our Hep A/B shots, since we never got the third and it’s almost a year overdue. We also need the yellow fever shot as well, and we’ll get those on the 25th.  Somehow–we’ve let these slide 🙂 Could it be someone’s fear of needles?  I don’t know 🙂


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