Family Photo

I will try to post a picture of Mastewal and Afton everyday until travel.  I’ll post two today, since I didn’t post yesterday.  Seth wants this picture re-posted so here goes.

Our Family


Holiday Photos


Referral Pic: September


Mastewal after receiving our care package in July


** I will also continue with Myer’s weekly pictures. I need to post his 11 week photos….hopefully, I will get to that later today.


3 responses to “Family Photo

  • am

    I invite you to visit my blog.
    thanks for youe attention.

  • Rav

    I happened upon your blog while looking for blogs about domestic adoption. Hubby and I are exploring adoption right now. My husband finally got excited about your family. He’s very sad that your two little guys are still in Ethiopia and we are praying that they are able to come home soon. Blessings.

  • Beth

    Thanks so much for posting the pictures. They are beautiful children. Their smiles warm my heart! I know it takes a lot of time to keep up with a blog, but I just wanted to let you know that I so enjoy the updates. And it helps me keep current in prayers! Thanks!!


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