January 30

Myer is 3 months old! I’ve only been able to put the one photo of Mastewal in the last post (don’t ask me how). I’ll keep working on it–and a 3 month update post for Myer.

Right now with the uncertainty with our travel date, I’m really looking forward to some “mindless” shopping with a friend tomorrow AND I get my Target fix 🙂 We will also be attending a fundraiser for our friends tomorrow at a local bbq place.

My post yesterday was just jumbled. I’m not totally stressed about one thing in particular (or any to be honest). I just have a lot on my mind. I’ve really been trying to do just one thing at a time, while pondering and researching a lot of things. Right now my focus is Myer (making sure he eats, sleeps :), is clothed, bathed and changed. I’d love to know travel dates at any time, but am very content right now sharing all the moments with Myer. He’s a happy baby. I know when we do find out the dates my time will be stretched among many things (packing, planning, etc.) so I’m trying to savor every moment right now. I think it’s just the uncertainty and WAITING that is getting to me, and I know so many people have/and are making plans around our travel dates so that Myer is taken care of while we’re gone, it’s just frustrating to keep saying, “not today”, “tomorrow”, “next week”. But it’s not up to us….we’ll find out when we find out 🙂 I’ve also just had a lot of time in the house over the past week (not taking Myer out) so I’ve had a lot of time to sit and “ponder” things.

Mastewal Opening Care Package Last Week (her hair is really growing out!!)


Afton holding hands with his little friend (who is a cutie). I will have to get permission before posting her pic.  She met her forever family last week! They delivered our package when picking her up-we are so thankful!


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