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feb. 28

We had new people arrive at the house. It’s nice. Today we went to the IEC Church where once a month local non-profits sell their items to benefit their organizations.  We picked up some nice items.  Ran into Mastewal and Afton’s nurse that comes to the house throughout the week–it was nice to meet her.  We then went to the souvenir area and picked up more items.  The driver then suggested we go to The Milk House for lunch….keeping true to Ethiopian culture it took FOREVER.  We’ve had a good time just riding around the city and learning more of the language.

Tomorrow we will go to church with Emily and then out to the transition house again.  On Monday, I hope to go to AHOPE–and Seth may get a massage. 

Our plans are to leave on Tuesday evening, late. But we probably won’t hear until Monday if we get those tickets. 

Mastewal is ready, she is already counting the days.  She says “3 more days to America?”

Again, we’ve really enjoyed our time here and continue to enjoy it.  We just miss Myer. It’s been one week now 😦




We’ve done so much already, but plan to stay a few more days because there is more that we want to do! The visa arriving in 3 days for Mastewal was a definite answer to prayer. It usually takes 10 business days!

Today we went to the top of Entonto Mountain, went to a museum, and a coffee factory. We then went to the weaver’s area and did some more shopping. I’m a pretty good bargainer now. The driver that was with us said so 🙂

Our time here has been amazing. I know we’ll be back. So much more to report, just wanted to share the good news. We love it here, we just wish Myer were here with us.

More later.

We’re Here..We’re Lovin’ It

Sorry it’s taken so long to post. We left Saturday night, no glitches with the flight. We got off the plane in Ethiopia–immediately obtained our visas, went through customs, got our bagggage. We were met by Kaleb from the guest house–he loaded up the very small car with all of our bags (I wasn’t sure that they were going to fit with us and him–but it did). We immediately were met by Helen (the owner of the guesthouse) when we arrived…she hurried us in and said that she felt like she already knew us (because we’d emailed so much). She also told us our friends were here also (The Talcotts (whose daughter is currently living at the transition house) This was a surprise for us and we’ve been blessed to share our time here with them and Emily, so far. We had tea and pretty much went to bed.
The next morning we met the Talcott’s during breakfast. We had a phone call from Emily who said that we were going to meet with Dereje to sign papers and then go get the kids from the house. WOW! Alazar picked us up…we met Dereje and we went to get the kids.
We we showed up at the house Afton Tamirat was hanging out the window and Mastewal was peeking out. We went up to get them and gave the other children their care packages…took a ton of pictures….left donations. The children are all wonderful there! Tamirat took up with Seth and sat in his lap the whole time we were there…Mastewal was by my side from the moment we entered. THERE IS SO much more to SAY.
We then traveled back to New Flower and we went with the Talcott Family for a late lunch. We ordered in dinner.
Tuesday we bathed the children and we went to the Embassy for our appointments. All went well. We were told we should have Mastewal’s Visa in 3-10 business days. Please Pray That We Receive It By Next Friday. We then went to have an Italian Dinner and Crepes. Our Driver was the driver that brought some of the children (Tamirat and Ann’s Boys) from Kamash and he invited us to HIS HOME for a coffee ceremony (VERY BIG DEAL).
Tamirat had a rough night last night and has been vomiting today 😦
I also got to make injera yesterday and my pieces were terrible. I will have the opportunity to redeem myself.
This morning, Ann, Emily and I went to the buy some souvenirs. I learned to bargain a little….I was able to get the children Ethiopian clothing (including Myer) and some other gifts. WE will definitely go back!!! Tonight we hope to take in the cultural show if Tamirat is feeling better.
Signing off for now, Tamirat is back up and we need to get him feeling better!

the countdown begins

we’re less than 24 hours away from leaving the u.s. 

sorry to leave you all hanging this week.  we’ve been taking care of the travel details. 

all the big bags are packed and we’ve finally got all of our papers completed and copied.  

right now, i’m feeling pretty good.  i’m ready to go, not ready to leave myer.  i don’t have as much anxiety as i expected i would have at this point.  in some ways it still doesn’t seem real. 

i’ve had numerous crying spells about leaving myer throughout the week, i know that when we pull out of the driveway tomorrow i will be a wreck–but i know he’s in good hands–and hopefully, we’ll all return in two weeks.

we’ll update as much as possible (probably even tomorrow)–we’ve also left instructions for parents to update our blog in case we aren’t able. 

enough for tonight, big day tomorrow–leaving for d.c. around 8am. our flight leaves at 8:30pm!


It was nice to have my parents here this weekend so we could get a little more done before travel. Thank you for all you did!!! I’m sure you enjoyed time with Myer, but we really appreciated being able to get a little completed before we leave. Thanks for all the housework  you did and thanks for the use of the truck!

This time next week, hopefully we’ll be finished at the airport and at least be heading toward the guest house.

We have a little to do every day until Saturday but everything is coming together.

**We did have a delay with our windshield, but were able to trade it anyway and pick up the van on Friday. I love it!


windshield not repaired today; therefore, we didn’t trade it in for the van today 😦 hopefully in the morning after vaccinations they’ll drop by and fix it.

misread an email from our agency and decided to start removing pictures from the blog, but it turns out it’s okay for us to post them.  that will be another task to add to the never-ending “to do” list at this point.  

i’m going to have to work on other stuff, we only have a little over a week left. it’s starting to hit me. i wasn’t stressed yesterday, but am getting there today!

february 12

I’ve had a lot going on this week (imagine that)!  I pick up our van today, after (whenever) our windshield is fixed on our trade in car. We feel fortunate to have stumbled upon a local van. The dealer gave us the right price for our car, our payoff was several thousand less than expected (so much for my mini-math calculations) and the van is pretty great! I didn’t think I would be this excited about it–but I am.  Monday evening I got to talk to Mastewal and Afton on the phone!!! It was cute and I learned so much in our 23 minute conversation.  We also received a few more pictures….looks like Mastewal likes the dress up “cat” eyes I sent 🙂  I can’t believe in a little over a week we will finally be over there.

Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend…and the weather was so nice!  And then the wind and storms came.  We also celebrated Afton’s 3rd Birthday, even though he’s not here.  We had a large cookie and he got a big Tonka Truck.  

Today I called about our remaining vaccinations.  I can’t believe we haven’t gotten them all yet….oops.  She said we needed to get them at least 10 days in advance–so we HAVE TO go tomorrow!!

I’m still trying to figure it all out. We will hopefully get Mastewal another bed this weekend and now we have to figure out our bed situation because OUR’s BROKE. HILARIOUS. Well-at least my parents are coming with the truck this weekend 🙂