january 31


Once again, sorry. WordPress is not allowing me to upload photos!

We are making our travel plans and are set to leave on February 21 from D.C.  We will arrive in Addis on Sunday evening, go to our guest house (we’re still working on this) and then I believe on Monday we will be united with Mastewal and Afton! We hope to travel back home (leaving Addis) on March 6 and arrive in D.C. on the 7th. 

Seth and I have talked to the director and we are also going to use our time in Ethiopia do so some repairs at the transition home where Mastewal and Afton have been living.  I also will have the opportunity to visit at least one orphanage!  We just decided since our time is lengthened a little we should offer ourselves to the work that is already going on there.  We will also try to do few days trips while we wait for Mastewal and Afton’s visas.  I’m sure we’ll have plenty to do in the two weeks we are there…..and will be experiencing a whole new life with our two children!  Our purpose is to bring our children home and begin bonding with them while in Ethiopia, but we also want to be able to help if there is a need–and it seems like there are some things we could help out with while we are there.


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