february 4

Today we received a few more pictures of Mastewal and Afton. Mastewal’s hair is getting longer and bigger!  Yay! I’ve booked our tickets and we’re paying little for the them because Ethiopian Airlines has a buy one get one free deal when flying from the U.S. and then we also received a grant, so we have a much smaller chunk to pay for our tickets. I’ve also booked our stay at the New Flower Guest House .  We will pick up Mastewal and Afton on Monday, after visiting the market.  Tuesday is our Embassy appointment.  I’ll probably plan something for Wednesday and Thursday–or we may just lay low.  There are some nearby volcanic lakes that we could take a day trip to–the birdwatching is supposed to be really good there.  We’ll spend time around the city, I’m sure. Seth is going to do some repairs as needed at our agency’s transition house and I’m going to visit an orphanage and deliver at least one package for a family.  I’d also like to visit AHOPE, which I will probably arrange once we get there.  

I’ve called to figure out what our international calling cards rates were for Ethiopia. It’s $.78/minute.  A little steep, so I think I will have to get another card or two for parents to use while we are there. We are able to rent a cell phone that they are able to call — and it’s free for us to accept calls.  

We’re also talking about a minivan again. The booster arrived, and things just aren’t working out as expected for the carseat/boosters to fit across the back of our car.  We may go look at vans this weekend…or just look at  one van that we’ve found in the Akron area.  

And a Myer update. We changed the nipple on the bottle to a faster flow (since he’s three months now :))  He’s been eating more and sleeping for longer periods of time, which is a big change from last week, because he didn’t even nap during the days last week.  He’s become a lot more vocal–is slobbering a ton–putting his hands in his mouth.  Maybe he’s an early teether, I don’t know…it’s too early to tell. I talked to Myer’s birthmother Monday. We spent a while catching up–it was a nice phone call.  I sent her pictures yesterday and have been doing so monthly since his birth.  

Anyway–here’s one photo we received today.



So that’s what’s happening on our end.  A lot and nothing all at once.


4 responses to “february 4

  • SpeedyPin.com Phone Cards

    Congratulations on your previous adoption and on your future adoptions. These children will definitely live a much better life due to your kindness and love. Congratulations to you and them!

  • Mary K

    I check in every day – your two waiting kids are just so darn cute!! Oh, my – what a gift! Can’t wait to follow along while you are in Eth. If you are taking your laptop – for calling far off, we have used jajah.com before – you call via the computer and put in your phone number (wherever you are) and the other number you are calling and jajah connects you …. at about 3 cents a minute. Just FYI in case you never heard of it. Many blessings for your journey to these two goreous children!! MaryK

  • Emily

    Yeah! Were you able to take advantage of that bogof offer thu ET airlines??? That’s incredible!! So happy about that.

    Love the pic of them together holding their names!! They are so ready!

    By the way….I’ve got the itch AGAIN! HELP!

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