Well I’m breaking my post a picture a day (sorry for yesterday). I just felt like we were pretty busy yesterday. I ran “into town” to request a letter from our doctor on letterhead for travel, I hope she is able to get around to it before we leave–she’s a busy lady–her office is always packed–and yesterday was no exception. I then proceeded to Toys R Us to check out the selection of teethers for Myer and we came away with TWO and some replacement pads for the wipe warmers(I still use warm CLOTH wipes with the wipe warmer).  Myer then slept so I was able to go to TJ Maxx and Old Navy for some clothes shopping for Mastewal and Afton (mainly Afton).  I got an awesome tutu for Mastewal at TJ Maxx, I can’t wait for her to see it!  I’m really excited about it.  She also got an outfit and a shirt. Afton got socks, two shirts and some shorts….and I think we’re pretty good.  I did send an inquiry regarding Afton’s shoe size, since Emily is over there. I hope we hear back his size, but we’ll see–it’s no biggie.


We also spent a considerable amount of time rearranging carseats and the booster in the Volvo.  We made it work, decided to wait on the van, discussed more and then researched more vans for Seth to look at today.  He left this morning to head to Akron to look at two vans that fit our criteria/price range.  It would just be really ridiculous to have them all three crammed into the back of the Volvo, we’d only drive around town with them and it would be an absolute fiasco to get them in and out.  We just hate the process of buying a car….want to get our $$ worth from our car…and get something decent, affordable….and something that is going to last…because we run our cars to death!!!  We like to travel….we like to see family.  I will say that I’m pretty excited about the thought of just standing straight up and putting Myer’s carseat in….right now it’s a lot of hunching over and situating the handle just right to make it into the car. So we’ll see how it goes–hopefully this will all come together, if not we’ll wait until summer.

So that’s why I didn’t post yesterday. I may not picture post today, either.  Myer and I have plans 🙂


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