the countdown begins

we’re less than 24 hours away from leaving the u.s. 

sorry to leave you all hanging this week.  we’ve been taking care of the travel details. 

all the big bags are packed and we’ve finally got all of our papers completed and copied.  

right now, i’m feeling pretty good.  i’m ready to go, not ready to leave myer.  i don’t have as much anxiety as i expected i would have at this point.  in some ways it still doesn’t seem real. 

i’ve had numerous crying spells about leaving myer throughout the week, i know that when we pull out of the driveway tomorrow i will be a wreck–but i know he’s in good hands–and hopefully, we’ll all return in two weeks.

we’ll update as much as possible (probably even tomorrow)–we’ve also left instructions for parents to update our blog in case we aren’t able. 

enough for tonight, big day tomorrow–leaving for d.c. around 8am. our flight leaves at 8:30pm!


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