We’re Here..We’re Lovin’ It

Sorry it’s taken so long to post. We left Saturday night, no glitches with the flight. We got off the plane in Ethiopia–immediately obtained our visas, went through customs, got our bagggage. We were met by Kaleb from the guest house–he loaded up the very small car with all of our bags (I wasn’t sure that they were going to fit with us and him–but it did). We immediately were met by Helen (the owner of the guesthouse) when we arrived…she hurried us in and said that she felt like she already knew us (because we’d emailed so much). She also told us our friends were here also (The Talcotts (whose daughter is currently living at the transition house) This was a surprise for us and we’ve been blessed to share our time here with them and Emily, so far. We had tea and pretty much went to bed.
The next morning we met the Talcott’s during breakfast. We had a phone call from Emily who said that we were going to meet with Dereje to sign papers and then go get the kids from the house. WOW! Alazar picked us up…we met Dereje and we went to get the kids.
We we showed up at the house Afton Tamirat was hanging out the window and Mastewal was peeking out. We went up to get them and gave the other children their care packages…took a ton of pictures….left donations. The children are all wonderful there! Tamirat took up with Seth and sat in his lap the whole time we were there…Mastewal was by my side from the moment we entered. THERE IS SO much more to SAY.
We then traveled back to New Flower and we went with the Talcott Family for a late lunch. We ordered in dinner.
Tuesday we bathed the children and we went to the Embassy for our appointments. All went well. We were told we should have Mastewal’s Visa in 3-10 business days. Please Pray That We Receive It By Next Friday. We then went to have an Italian Dinner and Crepes. Our Driver was the driver that brought some of the children (Tamirat and Ann’s Boys) from Kamash and he invited us to HIS HOME for a coffee ceremony (VERY BIG DEAL).
Tamirat had a rough night last night and has been vomiting today 😦
I also got to make injera yesterday and my pieces were terrible. I will have the opportunity to redeem myself.
This morning, Ann, Emily and I went to the buy some souvenirs. I learned to bargain a little….I was able to get the children Ethiopian clothing (including Myer) and some other gifts. WE will definitely go back!!! Tonight we hope to take in the cultural show if Tamirat is feeling better.
Signing off for now, Tamirat is back up and we need to get him feeling better!


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