feb. 28

We had new people arrive at the house. It’s nice. Today we went to the IEC Church where once a month local non-profits sell their items to benefit their organizations.  We picked up some nice items.  Ran into Mastewal and Afton’s nurse that comes to the house throughout the week–it was nice to meet her.  We then went to the souvenir area and picked up more items.  The driver then suggested we go to The Milk House for lunch….keeping true to Ethiopian culture it took FOREVER.  We’ve had a good time just riding around the city and learning more of the language.

Tomorrow we will go to church with Emily and then out to the transition house again.  On Monday, I hope to go to AHOPE–and Seth may get a massage. 

Our plans are to leave on Tuesday evening, late. But we probably won’t hear until Monday if we get those tickets. 

Mastewal is ready, she is already counting the days.  She says “3 more days to America?”

Again, we’ve really enjoyed our time here and continue to enjoy it.  We just miss Myer. It’s been one week now 😦


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