last 24 hours

this time tomorrow we will be on the plane to the u.s. We are so ready to see Myer. Pray that our flight doesn’t get cancelled (we hear that happens sometimes). Today was another awesome day. Debre Zeyit was beautiful and it was nice to get away today. We visited several lakes, saw some birds and ate at Dreamland, where we had a table overlooking the lake. Amazing. The kids have been troopers. We came back and Seth got jeans while Emily and I stayed and played with the children. Seth brought us back ice cream from Kaldi’s–the children love ice cream. We then walked to make a phone call and then went to dinner at The Lime Tree. We had the fastest service there and Kaleb met us to walk us home.

When we returned we called to confirm our flight tomorrow, talked to my parents and then Trent our travel agent called to confirm our tickets for tomorrow as well.

Tomorrow morning Emily and I will meet Ayele and he will drive us to AHOPE at 8am. I hope my heart is ready for it. We will also pack most of the day tomorrow and say good-bye to the staff here at the New Flower.


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