last hours

this morning emily and i went to ahope, ayele was unable to drive us because he had been at the hospital with his aunt all night.  elias took us, so it was nice to see him and say good-bye to him. he also gave us information about his ministry he does in addis.  maybe we can help out 🙂 i was impressed by the facility at ahope.  the children are well cared for there and they seem to have a great ratio of nannies per child. i then said my good-bye to emily, i only cried a little.  it feels like leaving family. then had the driver to take me to ethiopian airlines to pick up our tickets. there was a long line, but i made my way to a supervisor 🙂  i then went back to the house and we ordered pizza for lunch and we’ve been packing all afternoon.  we are happy that ayele will be taking us to the airport, so we can say good-bye to him as well.  it will be sad to say good-bye to the staff here at the New Flower also–they’ve become our second family.

See you in AMERICA tomorrow!


3 responses to “last hours

  • Sarah

    I remember being so torn between wanting to be home and wanting to stay in order to remember everything and experience everything. Be ready to leave a chunk of your heart behind as a part of you will always be at home there.

    Safe and easy travels to you and the newest little Baileys. I’m sure the cold here will be a big shock to them!

  • Ben

    So praying for you Baileys. Love you much and can’t wait to see you and your whole family!!! Very happy for you!

    PS- Danielle, Caleb, and I are moving to Toledo, so the next time you drive up to see your parents, make sure you drop us a line!

  • Emily W

    We are all sooo excited to meet the newest part of our church family!!!! Hugs…..

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