1 week ago


Mastewal Outside the Guest House with Flowers Given to Her from the Guard.

Mastewal Outside the Guest House with Flowers Given to Her from the Guard.


Afton Tamirat in the Doorway at the Guest House: Waiting for Our Driver

Afton Tamirat in the Doorway at the Guest House: Waiting for Our Driver

it’s hard to believe that we left Ethiopia one week ago–and that we’ve had the children for 2 weeks now.  

we’ve tried to have the same “routine” everyday so far. Wake-up is usually around 8am. The kids eat and then brush teeth, “get ready” and play.  The last two days, I’ve taken Mastewal out to stores, while Seth has kept the boys at home.  We return for lunch, then Tamirat takes a nap and Mastewal does “lessons” handwriting, letters, etc.  She then gets to watch a little Curious George. When Afton Tamirat wakes we go outside to the park or in the back yard. Today we played with bubbles and they had a blast. We also have an afternoon snack sometime in the afternoon.  Then it is dinner time, play time, and then bed time around 7:30-8:00 for Afton Tamirat–and then 8:00-8:30 is bedtime for Mastewal.  Both children sleep well at night, so that is a blessing right now. Seth has also been taking time away from the house to ease us into his return back to work.  Today was the longest stretch of time that I’ve had all three children by myself, and I think it went pretty well. 

I’m still struggling with a sore throat and usually lose my voice if I talk too much for a long period of time (telephone).

Mastewal loves to talk on the phone, watch videos and dance.  Tonight after dinner we put on our Ethiopian music and she danced.  We listen to Nahom Favorite (popular music in Ethiopia) We all (except daddy) danced around the living room. We especially like song #3….Mastewal can do the Ethiopian “neck thing” to that song.  We played it over and over.  Myer even enjoyed the dancing around and Mastewal made him laugh by twirling a pinwheel in front of him.

So things are going as well as expected.  I’m still tired and sick and getting over jet lag.  Hopefully, it will pass soon.

We head to the pediatrician tomorrow….YAY….maybe we can get some things cleared up (skin irritations and what appears to be fungus in the hair)


3 responses to “1 week ago

  • Beth

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your routine. It sounds like a nice, gentle way to ease into life with 3!

  • Lindsey

    Heather and Seth! I get so excited reading about what God is doing in your lives. What precious gifts he has given you! We have friends here in Baton Rouge that have become foster parents and i keep up with the daily happenings in their lives through blogs as well. I see God growing them and stretching them daily, and I see them relying more and more on his strength through the process…its really incredible how God steps in when he knows that we need him most. I know that Gods blessings will be upon you guys…your marriage and your beautiful children! I’m so happy for you all!

  • Marilyn

    Wally and I read this together and loved every bit of it!! Thanks for taking the time to write and post!

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