mastewal's stance (robera coffee factory (our driver ayele outside))

mastewal's stance (robera coffee factory (our driver ayele outside))

we’re surviving. i continued to feel sick on friday all day so on saturday I went to the doctor. got some meds, starting to feel better. 

not much to report, we’re trying to lay low and just understand what “home” and “family” is at this time. it’s been rough, honestly, because we are all adjusting to everything being new….for everyone.  myer is a champ and is the happiest baby even while teething…he’s just rolling with whatever comes his way.  

tomorrow we head to Pittsburgh for doctor appointments, this will be another long day for us. 

we’ll keep you posted


3 responses to “3.15.09

  • Marilyn

    Yes. Transitions, even marvelous ones, are real work. Recognizing that and giving yourself and each other space for that is key to success. Follow Myer’s lead! “Except ye become as little children……”

    Hope you are back to full strength soon!

  • Lee Ann

    I have been following you guys everyday…love the updates. I’m sure the transition is tough, you all seem to be coping well however. We cannot wait to see all of you guys when the time comes.

  • Beth

    Thanks for the update, Heather! We miss you guys, but I’m glad you’re staying low. There’s got to be so much to process and work through in just being home together…I can’t even imagine. You all are in our prayers, specifically that you’ll strength for today! Love, Beth

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