first day “home alone”


one of my favorites (at robera coffee)

one of my favorites (at robera coffee)

yesterday we went to our pid in pittsburgh and the children had a ton of bloodwork. we’ve already heard back about some of the bloodwork, things are looking pretty good. they likely both have a ton of parasites, but we won’t know that until later this week (maybe). we felt very fortunate to have ben and danielle by our side (or myer’s) throughout the doctor visit and then lab work. they watched myer and played with the kids, it was great–and we were thankful to have the extra hands.

today was my first “full day” home alone with the children. they slept a little late because we had such a long day yesterday.  i wasn’t supermom today, but we did manage to eat three meals and a snack, everyone got dressed and brushed their teeth, and we played outside in the beautiful weather. i had the usual pouting from mastewal (at least  once a day) and afton tamirat fell about 1 million times and had some minor accidents.  myer just went with the flow as usual.  we didn’t do lessons today but we did make bead necklaces and read. i’m glad the weather will be nice again tomorrow–so we can go outside.


3 responses to “first day “home alone”

  • whatchamacalit

    You have a beautiful family and a wonderful blog. I’m looking forward to hear more about your adventures.

  • Ben

    We enjoyed every minute of it! Glad we could help out before we head out to Toledo. Stop by and see us on your way to your parents!

  • Beth

    I love this picture of you two. In art we’ve been talking about complimentary colors. Blue and orange (where brown comes from) are complimentary. You are so blue in the picture and Mastawel is so beautifully brown. It just makes for an eye popping combination. I love it!

    As for her pouting, somehow in my mind that fits the supermodel/diva image I have her. Though I never met her, she has these beautiful smiles and flirty eyes and great poses. She must be g-i-r-l all the way through. 🙂

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