dsc_0003This morning I woke up at 6am and started to get all the children “up and ready” for Mastewal and Afton’s doctor appointment to have their TB skin tests read at 8am. Surprisingly to me, it wasn’t too bad this time around.  We were all ready to go at 6:45.  The doctor appointment and travel went well with all three. I was doubting myself a little (this was my first outing with all three) but I did it.  Once at the parking lot at St. Josephs, I put Myer in the baby bjorn, Afton in the stroller and Mastewal walked beside me.  The nurses were excited to see the kids again, Mastewal was greeted by “silly girl”.  They are treated really well there.  We love our pediatrician and nurses there. While there, Myer coughed and the doctor noticed…she prescribed him some meds and canceled his immunization appointment for tomorrow. So tomorrow I will take Myer with me to turn in some samples to the lab for our infectious disease doctor. Hopefully, we’ll learn of all their parasites and get them taken care of soon.

We  came back home and had a lazy day. Mastewal got to go to the park with our neighbor and her daughter this afternoon.  I think she enjoys the company and it’s nice to have a kid in the neighborhood close to her age.  

We also had a call from the infectious disease doctor. Thankfully, Mastewal does not have Hep B.  We were a little worried about this since Monday. There were some inconsistencies with paperwork and it was taking longer to get the labs back, so we started to assume (along with the doctor) that she may have been positive for Hep B. We’re excited that her labs were negative.  Now on to TB.  She will need a chest x-ray now, I’m a little bummed about that, but we’ll just get it taken care of as soon as possible.  We’re plugging away at things one day at a time.  

I had my nightly outing of going to CVS to get a prescription filled. I also went by Stoked to get frozen mochas for us (me and Seth).  They were wonderful and sometimes I just enjoy the ride and time by myself.  It’s little time but it makes a difference.

Also–did I mention that Myer has two teeth now?


2 responses to “03.19.09

  • Marilyn

    Maybe Myer has the teeth that Mastewal lost. 🙂
    Such cute pics!
    EVERY mother understands what you mean about the value of a slight breather, even to run to CVS and through the coffee drive-up. BTW, I’ve not tried Stoked yet. Good, huh?

  • Mary K

    Your family is simply beautiful! Just to think that this time last year you were not a “Mom” ….. fast forward and now look at those 3 gorgeous faces that will forever look to you for love and support. And, yes, even just a few minutes away by yourself is often so glorious! You would never have appreciated such moments alone last year, would you have? : )

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