Wow. I guess the time has gotten away from me. Wednesday of last week (I think) we had lunch with friends . Thursday we had trip to the doctor for vaccinations for Myer and Afton and a chest x-ray for Mastewal. This trip went well and I feel like we just kind of camped out at the doctor’s office for a while. Thursdays are definitely the day to go.  Our doctor also recommended someone to do Mastewal’s hair.  I looked her up when we got home and then took her our and had her hair straightened.  I loved it…it was so big, but she continues to like it just the way it is…no braids, no straightening.  Good thing it goes back to just the way she likes it as soon as it gets wet.

Friday, my parents arrived. I was able to go out and take stuff to the goodwill. YAY! I also registered Mastewal for kindergarten and Afton for preschool. I really thought about homeschooling, but this will be the plan for right now. We still have 4-5 months to go before fall, so we’ll see. We went out Friday night with my parents to get the swing set.  Seth and my dad worked on it Saturday.  We then went to church gym and swim party.  The children loved swimming.  Although Mastewal throws herself backwards (as she does when taking a bath) and it looks like she’s drowning.  I had several mini-heart attacks watching her do this numerous times in the water.  

Sunday we got a late start and Seth and my dad finished the swingset.  We were sad to see them leave.  It’s always nice to have family here. 

So this week is starting as all the others.  We’ve been together 5 weeks now, and been home 4 weeks.  We’re starting to settle.  It’s  hard, though.  I can’t adequately describe it all on here (and I don’t have the time), but it’s as I expected, a little better and a little worse–if that makes any sense.


2 responses to “3.31.09

  • Beth

    It makes perfect sense. Step by step, day by day…it’s hard to see the accomplishments and progress on that small scale. But in time you’ll get to rejoice over how far you all have come. I get excited for you just thinking about it. BTW, I think you guys are amazing. We won’t even go into what I would be blogging (if I could find the keyboard) if I’d just added 3 children to my family in 6 months. 🙂

  • Tiffany

    I wasn’t sure whose blog those was until I scrolled down and saw Mastewal’s beautiful smile-minus one tooth! (How cute!) She looks stunning, and so are your pics. What kind of camera are you using? WONDERFUL to see that the children have settled into their forever home. Blessings,

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