catch up

So we went to Michigan over Easter.We were able to have Mastewal’s hair “done” while we were there.Seth’s mom’s  friend’s sister did it in her basement.It was a good time, “just the girls” doing girly things.She actually had a smile on her face after it was finished.First time for that!I think she was actually starting to enjoy herself toward the end of the styling.I’ve tweaked the style just a little over the last week or so.


We had a great time in Michigan.The kids got to meet grandparents, great-grandparents, cousins, an aunt and uncle and other friends of the family.They were definitely spoiled.They didn’t want to leave.I don’t blame them 🙂



The children were great on the car ride there and back.I just got a little crazy on the way home.I was tired.PERIOD.  

Tuesday was my 30th birthday.I think we (Mastewal, Afton, Myer, myself) actually slept in that day.Seth woke us up with a phone call asking “did Mastewal give you the card” She then walked in with my handmade card.Apparently they worked on it while getting ready for bed the night before.I got this awesome necklace, I love it!30% of the purchase price goes to AHOPE 

il_430xn46803118On the back of my necklace 1-15-09 is engraved.This is date Mastewal and Afton became a part of our family.

Seth’s aunt Karon arrived on Tuesday night.Seth I went out to Tampico for my birthday dinner.It was nice to get out, again.We talked about my return to Ethiopia.We then celebrated with an ice cream cake the following days.YUMMY!

Karon stayed with us until Friday.It was nice to have her here, especially after our first travel weekend as a family of 5.There was unpacking and laundry to be done.I was also able to schedule dentist appointments for Afton and Mastewal while she was here.I needed the extra hand, because it’s one thing to take them all to the doctor, but I was afraid the dentist would be a lot more difficult.  


The children did wonderfully at the dentist.He said that both of their teeth look good.Mastewal did have one cavity, but it is on a tooth that is loose, so he’s not worried about it.  Based on the dental exam Mastewal is 6 years old (at least).  We’re deciding what to do about this information.We will likely change her birth certificate.We are also rethinking our school approach as well.  

Karon left on Friday.I also got the news that Mastewal has latent TB.  No worries, she will just be on meds for 9 months.Friday evening Wally and Marilyn came over.We enjoyed the company. It was a nice visit, full of Mr. Potato Head, markers, and the swingset.


Seth and I then watched the movie Fireproof.  

Saturday, Carla came over with her son, Jacob.I think (and hope) Jacob had a good time, I now our kids did.I then went out shopping and made some purchases with my birthday giftcards.YAY!

Sunday, we made another appearance at church. AND….I was able to hear the message for the first time since October BECAUSE Myer went to the nursery for the first time.Afton also went to the nursery and Mastewal went to her new class.I think it went well.Thanks to everyone that helped us out with our children on Sunday.Sorry I left so abruptly.I’m still new at the mom to three thing….and how to round everyone up and get out the door…and remembering to say good-bye to people.

This weekend we also cleaned/organized the house a bit.We needed to get things in  order, but it’s hard with everyone running around.  I’m pleased with how things are turning out. 

Today the weather was crappy.We stayed inside all day. It bums me out, but hopefully by the end of the week it will be nice.This weekend Friday-Monday I will be traveling to KY for my papaw’s 80th birthday (and to visit family). This will be my first long ride with the children by myself.  WOOHOO!


2 responses to “catch up

  • Ben

    So glad to hear all the news! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And proud of you for letting Myer go to the nursery. We’re not quite there yet, especially since the service time is Caleb’s eating time. I know that’ll change soon enough. Love you guys!

  • Marilyn

    (Wow, a link to my blog! I am honored!)

    We had a blast, visiting on Friday and sitting with you on Sunday. I think 4:4 is just about the right ratio of adult to children, don’t you? 🙂

    The children are all beautiful and sparkling and you two are doing a great job. Sleep when you can. Have a good trip!

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