Our Baby Boy


Myer is Six Months Old Today. We really can’t believe it.  He has been such a joy for us.  He truly is a happy baby. He is very content. We don’t just say that because “he’s ours” He just really is a good baby. 

All About Myer

  • He rolls over both ways, although mainly from back to stomach
  • He smiles a lot
  • He says ah-goo
  • He laughs alot when being tickled, when Mastewal and Afton “play with him”, when Roper shakes off, when you say “shew-weee”when laying him down for a diaper change
  • He’s grabbing at everything!
  • He’s eating carrots and squash, rice cereal every now and then, and will start sweet potatoes tomorrow
  • He has two teeth and I think he’s working on more
  • You can barely see his hair, he is very fair skinned with light hair–you have to look closely
  • He’s starting to sleep/nap on his side
  • He can cruise backwards in the walker
  • He loves the baby carriers: Ergo and Baby Bjorn
  • He’s wearing 6-12 months, 12 months and some 12-18 months clothing
  • and last but not least: HE’S PRETTY BIG. NOT OVERWEIGHT JUST VERY LONG!

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