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Afton and Myer…brothers

Here are a couple clips from yesterday.  The kids are really connecting.  Take note of Afton’s alphabet “L, M, N, O, P” section.




Me+Mastewal+4 hours+4 breaks+PBS Shows+Stella Pressing Comb+Dax Pressing Oil+Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter+Little Rubber Bands=


And just because he wanted his picture taken


more zoo pics



To the Columbus Zoo.


Afton seeing a Gorilla for the first time!

Afton seeing a Gorilla for the first time!



Friday, we loaded up the van to go to Columbus to meet Seth’s parents and to take the kids to the zoo. We went to the Polaris Mall and I was able to get some Carol’s Daughter hair products for the kids at Sephora. I’ve been wanting to try them for a while and from the few days that I’ve used them now, I like the Hair Milk a lot for Afton’s hair (because he doesn’t need much work and it smells really good. The kids played for a while at the indoor play area. Nuna and PawPaw showed up and we went to the hotel.  We unpacked and then went to dinner, where Mastewal lost a tooth while eating pizza.  After dinner we headed back to the hotel to swim at the indoor pool. Everyone loves the water. It was a little to chilly for Nuna and Myer, but as you can see they had a good time as well 🙂



Thursday, Mastewal and I went to pick strawberries at Stacy Family Farm in Marietta.


Our neighbor picked us up a kiddie pool and the kids couldn’t wait to get in the water.  


Myer and I just watched until the water warmed up.


I then went to Natural Remedies Spa to redeem my mother’s day gift:

A Hot Stone Massage—I highly recommend it!

I came home relaxed. We fed the kids dinner and then Wally and Marilyn came over to entertain the children, while Seth and I went to eat at Tampico. 


Wednesday we had a picnic at the bike trail with friends.  Took this photo while on the path.