Mastewal went to her first kid “birthday party” in the states over the weekend. Thanks for inviting us Carla (for Alex).She got to try rollerskating and I think she really enjoyed herself. She didn’t even fall that much, and was able to convince me to join her.  Sorry there are no pictures of that 🙂


Sunday we made it to church again, Seth was leading worship–so it was my first attempt at taking all three by myself and keeping them occupied until time for classes and nursery–without losing my mind. Thanks to Diane and Wally who helped me out during the service. I like that Myer is also taken care of during church, but I have a hard time focusing, even when all the children are occupied and taken care of…I think I just can’t let go of the running questions in my head like “are they really doing okay”.  No offense to Pastor Brian, but even though I’ve been able to sit in the service 2 times child free in the last month—I have really heard the message.  I think I’ve picked up on a few sentences and references and they have stuck with me, so that counts!

Sunday afternoon I went out for the afternoon by myself. It was nice. I saw a movie–and was able to really just focus on that–and nothing else.

Monday we had our post placement visit with out Social Worker. I wasn’t really frantic or anything, and honestly, didn’t do anything different except make sure that we had $$ available to pay her for the visit. I think I shocked myself, but I guess I thought she must know how it really is here and I’m not going to kill myself cleaning up everything. The kids put on quite a “show” for her…but she knew what was happening.  We were very happy to have the visit and have her see the kids.  It was also nice for us to have time to talk to her about our adjustments and feeling about our family growing to FIVE since November.  

So now–were hanging in there. We try to get out everyday when there is a break in rain.Mastewal is doing more and more “lessons” and Afton is busy, busy, as usual.  Myer is more and more active and is getting louder…and staring make his presence known more around here.  

Right now we’re watching a moving because it is pouring outside.

I’m ready for more sunshine, that’s for sure!


2 responses to “05.06.2009

  • Marilyn

    You have a real eye for pics. This one of Mastewal on roller skates is such fun!

    I think EVERY parent can sympathize with your inability to focus in church, even when your little ones are in their classes and well-occupied. A parent, imagining ALL the things that could be happening, is always wondering what they are doing. Meanwhile the child is usually quite happily playing or coloring or singing or hearing a story. THEY are carefree; YOU are carrying all the care on you! This is normal.

    I don’t have any suggestions for overcoming this, but I think with time goes on, it will settle out somewhat. You begin to trust that people WILL come get you if there’s a problem, but even if you already trust in that, just knowing someone might pop in for you at any moment, for any one of the three, IS “noise” in your head. I sympathize. I’m sure all parents reading this do.

  • Ann Talcott

    Heather, Glad to hear that you guys are hanging in there. I am curious if Tamirat is still Daddy’s Little Buddy like he was in Ethiopia? Keep up the good work on blog. Ann

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